How to fight OSEH (Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment)

(I received an e-mail with an essay attached to it about OSEH, part of the essay is about things target individuals can do to fight back the harassers.  Below is the excerpt of the essay. ) 

All targeted individuals are subjected to a barrage of criminal acts, some of which they may not be fully aware. If targets are true TIs, their phones WILL be tapped, their computers WILL be hacked, and their mail WILL be monitored. What can victims do to defend themselves, halt electronic stalking and mind control (ESMC) activities, apprehend the cowardly perverts who carry it out, and punish them and their accomplices?


·        Remember that the perpetrators of your ESMC are the criminals, not you. 

Certainly, the total loss of privacy, even in the case of your most intimate thoughts, is frustrating. That common criminals whom you probably do not know have knowledge of your thoughts that even family members and friends do not know is unnerving. However, keep in mind that whatever the criminals know about you and your thoughts, they cannot publish them in the New York Times. I continually laugh at my perverted handlers and tell them that I really don’t care what they see, hear, know, or think that they know, or do. I tell them through our synthetic telepathy to publish those thoughts in the newspapers and expose them on national TV. It does not matter to me.


·        Remain positive. 

Despite the unsettling nature of the ESMC activities, targets must make a special effort to maintain a positive attitude, especially when around others. Remember that the perpetrators of ESMC are trying to ruin your lives. Do not let them. I start each day by stating to myself how great the day is, whether it is rainy or sunny or cold or hot.


·        Resist depression. 

One of the handlers’ ploys is to cause a target to commit suicide. Keep your life bright. Surround yourself with uplifting and cheerful décor. Let plenty of light into your house. Targets have a tendency to keep their houses dark, with the windows perpetually covered. A dark house encourages depression. Open those windows. I do not even have curtains on my windows. And also use your good mind. Tell yourself how fortunate you are despite your electronic and mind control assault. Think about things that make you happy and that calm your mind.


·        Maintain your physical health. 

This is very important, as the perpetrators of the ESMC seek to make you a couch potato. They will whisper to your subconscious to binge eat, to watch more TV than usual, and to eat the wrong kinds of food. They will also whisper to you that you have no energy, that you feel extremely tired, and that you must rest.


·        Take vitamins and eat correct foods. 

Force yourself to get exercise and be active. They will discourage you from making improvements in and around your home. Despite your listless feelings, go about your activities and make a point of getting plenty of exercise. A clear correlation exists between physical health and mental health. Defy the handlers. Make a concentrated effort not only to maintain your health but even to strengthen it.


·        Be receptive to making new friends. 

Many targets have suffered so many frustrations and disappointments because of their ESMC that they have become suspicious of everybody. That appears to psychiatrists as paranoia. Moreover, that is exactly what your handlers want, as it further isolates you from society. Do NOT think that every person you meet is an accomplice of the handlers. There are still many uncorrupted people with whom you can become friends. However, remember that to have a friend, you must be a friend.


·        Do not engage private investigators. 

They are often a part of the problem. Private investigators cannot ply their trade without the assistance of law enforcement. First, they have to register and get permission to operate from a state law enforcement office, usually the attorney general. Then, they have to be tied into the state police and other law enforcement agencies’ data systems to look up license numbers and auto license tags, search backgrounds, and even look for missing persons.

Moreover, many of the private investigators are shady characters who operate just inside the law, and they often even cross over that line. I believe that private investigators are part of the law enforcement network that probably participates in actual electronic stalking and mind control. Getting private investigators to look for a bug in your car is like sending the fox to the hen house. Even if they discover a bug, they will not inform you, for they would believe that it was placed there by law enforcement. In fact, they will have probably already been informed by law enforcement of the bug.


·        Do not discuss your ESMC harassment with every friend, family member, and acquaintance. 

They simply do not understand and cannot understand. However, if you have a perceptive, intelligent, trusted friend or family member who is open minded enough to believe hard-to-believe circumstances, let that person know what is happening. A confidant who truly believes you can be very supportive.


·        Do NOT visit a psychiatrist. 

The ESMC assailants want targets to go to psychiatrists, knowing that the doctors will diagnose targets as schizophrenic or paranoid. Once targets see a psychiatrist, their credibility is compromised.

The evil perverted assailants will do everything to convince targets that they are mentally incompetent, including continually whispering to their subconsicous “you are crazy.” Indeed, the handlers’ activities will often cause targets to exhibit the very symptoms that psychiatrists associate with schizophrenic and paranoia in attempting to defend themselves against forces that they cannot see and do not understand. However, the general public is increasingly becoming aware of ESMC, and friends and family members of targets who have been designated “demented” are beginning to see that those targets are not truly mentally unstable. In only a few more years, the psychiatric community will have to redefine schizophrenia, paranoia, and other mental disorders because of the unnatural electronic and mind control assaults that cause those symptoms. This will not occur, however, without a great deal of pressure from the outside, as psychiatrists have no way of treating remote-induced symptoms of schizophrenia and paranoia resulting from ESMC.


·        Resist any effort on the part of law enforcement to make you submit to a psychiatric evaluation. 

In our system of justice, targets should not have to prove that they are sane. Indeed, the burden of proof falls on law enforcement to prove that targets are mentally deranged. That is why authorities want to send you to a psychiatrist whom they customarily use and can depend on to render a verdict that is in keeping with their accusations.


·        Know that mental incompetence cannot be proved by your words and actions alone,

and that the state and local law enforcement have no power to act unless your actions have the potential of harming yourself and others. If authorities do insist on your seeing a shrink, demand that the psychiatrist also possess knowledge of directed energy, electrical and radio theory, high tech communications, organized stalking, and even electronic stalking and mind control. That will, of course, limit the possibilities to only a few psychiatrists. Notwithstanding, targets should make every effort NOT to look insane by falling into the handlers’ well laid traps. Despite your frustrations and the handlers’ drivel through V2K, do not act irrationally.


·        De-emphasize “self.” 

Many targets become obsessed with what the handlers do to their minds and bodies. That is quite natural and understandable. However, targets should train their minds to think beyond themselves and instead reach out to their pastimes, hobbies, and to others. Reducing their attention to “self” is a very important defense tool for targets.


·        Make special efforts to stay in contact with family members and friends, for the handlers concentrate on isolating you from society. 

Maintaining contact will not be easy. The handlers will fill your minds with negative thoughts about those people. Moreover, the handlers will have hacked your computer and tapped your phone lines. I recently got a call on my cell phone that showed the phone number of good friends, a man and woman couple. The person who called pretended to be the woman; however, the female speaker spoke with an accent and the voice was most certainly not that of my friend. Moreover, she ended with an exaggerated “good-byeeeeee,” which would have been totally out of character for my friend. That meant that the caller had used my friends’ telephone service provider to be able to make the call through my friends’ account; otherwise, the real number of the impostor would have appeared on my phone. The caller probably wanted me to say something later to my friends about the call to make me appear crazy. I did not mention the call to them.


·        The handlers will cause problems with your computer and will intercept your emails to others and also those that come from others. 

They will also suddenly cut off phone conversations, create static that makes talking impossible, cause your voice to echo (only you will be able to hear those echoes), and sometimes divert the calls so that their accomplices answer. Manipulation of your communications system is ultra important to the perverts’ plan to isolate and frustrate you.


·        Record the handlers’ actions and your thoughts about them. 

Those thoughts will change over time as you learn increasingly more about your handlers. Their ESMC tactics will also change, becoming increasingly more complex as they go through their repertory of capabilities. It is very important for you to describe the perverts’ electronic and mind control actions accurately and to record in great detail the sensations that you feel and your reactions to those actions.  Record the day, date, and hour that particular actions occur. You may see a pattern in the timing. Their actions will normally occur in the evening while you sleep, as you present an immobile target for them and there is less electromagnetic atmospheric interference. Keep a flashlight, watch, notepad, and pen underneath your pillow or nearby to record those actions.  


·        Be observant. 

The handlers, of course, count on your not having proof of their electronic stalk and mind control activities. Watch people, places, and objects carefully. Record your reactions when you see anything that looks even slightly odd. Videotape anything that happens out of the ordinary: blinking lights, anomalies in your emails, etc. Record any unusual sounds: loud noises that occur in or around the house, etc. However, do not let yourself develop paranoia over those events.


·        Remember precedents. 

Think back over previous events and actions. You had to have been targeted at some point in time. By recalling people, occasions, and incidents, you will probably get a very good idea about when, by whom, and even how you were targeted. Particularly think about any medical procedures, shots, and inoculations that you had prior to your electronic stalking and mind control experiences.


·        Thwart the efforts of the handlers and defy them.

 As time goes on, you will see that certain actions on your part affect the capabilities of the handlers. You will also learn things that annoy the handlers. I enjoy singing monotonous ditties and repeating a phrase or a sentence for hours at a time (silently, through thought) as I work and putter. Laugh at your handlers and try to make their lives as miserable and difficult as they attempt to make yours. Remember that behind the ESMC lie humans (I call them sub-humans). As vile, evil, and hard as they might be, those humans can be affected by your thoughts against them.


·        Stay alert. 

The handlers will attempt to make you do irrational things by whispering instructions and suggestions into your brains. Know this. Give much thought to your actions because of that. Remember that one of the major objectives of the handlers is to make you look crazy. Be very careful of their deception.


·        Work to change the narrow mindset of the medical community about ESMC.

 I am quite certain that at least some psychiatrists recognize the reality of ESMC without admitting it.


·        Submit written complaints to local law enforcement. 

Get the complete name of the officer to whom you submit your report. It is very important that the reports be presented in writing so that YOU can word the complaint like you wish. Otherwise, the person with whom you are talking will write it the way he wants to, probably noting that you are nuts. Ask the officer to whom you submit your complaint to sign it. Others have done this and the officers have refused. If the officer refuses to sign, record that in your notes and let him see you doing it. Your complaints will probably never be entered by law enforcement in their crime statistics. Mine were not and neither were those of other targets with whom I have corresponded. Law enforcement wants no record of your complaints about ESMC.


·        Contact your Representatives and Senators in writing. Petitions are meaningless. Write individual letters. 

It is important that your correspondence be done in writing (emails or letters), as their employees may include an accomplice “plant” who will not record and advise higher-up authorities of telephone calls. This will of course reveal your real name. It is time for victims to stop hiding and let the public know what is actually going on in this country. Our reluctance to do so has allowed electronic torture and mind control to go unchallenged probably for decades.


·        In addition, send copies of your letters to local and state officials, particularly the sheriff’s office and the attorney general’s office. 

Do not expect answers or acknowledgements of receipt. Unless overwhelming pressure is laid on the backs of leadership, nothing will be done. Congresspersons, themselves being protected, are probably blithely unaware of electronic stalking and mind control and the possibility of national and local law enforcement in that activity. However, they cannot ignore thousands of letters of complaint. There is strength in numbers, and the number of victims is growing every day.


·        Seek out other victims of ESMC and network with those victims in comparing your symptoms, your thoughts, and information that you have found on ESMC. 

That organization can also become a meaningful support system for you. In the United States, Derrick C. Robinson, a TI and also a U. S. Armed Forces veteran, heads a pro-active organization called Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) whose address is There are other similar organizations worth joining.


·        Maintain the life style that is normal to you to the extent possible.

 Targets often let their targeting become their way of life. They relocate from place to place. They continually look for and experiment with shielding. They spend every waking moment on the computer communicating with other targets and writing to forums, phoning other targets, and thinking about their particular problem. They come to believe that every person and every action somehow relates to their targeting. When targets’ allow their situations to consume their total time, they sacrifice family and friend relationships, give up their hobbies and pastimes, and often neglect their appearance and their health. Indeed, no target asks for the electronic stalking and mind control activities that he receives. Yet, targets must try to balance their life to include activities other than those related to ESMC. Remember that every person with whom you are in contact is not a perp. There are still wonderful people out there.



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Do not consider suicide an option. Your handlers, through sleep deprivation, electronic torture, mind control, social isolation, and other ways will attempt to make you take your own life. That is a part of the script. Do not oblige them. The FFCHS has recently begun collecting notarized statements from members who swear that they will never take their own lives. We call it a No-Suicide-Ever pact. This was considered necessary because some targets die under very mysterious circumstances that are recorded as suicides. Many targets are certain that some of those suicides are murders staged to look like suicide.


·        Do NOT allow the handlers to force you to move. 

They will often try to force targets to leave their houses and even their hometowns. I have never known a target who improved his situation by moving. Targets who do move will normally end up drifting from location to location, getting out of touch with friends and relatives along the way, and ending up alone in shelters or on the street.


·        Defying the handlers –

I am very defiant of the handlers, and I go on with my life despite their electronic and mind control effects and the resulting annoyances and inconveniences. The handlers recognize that although they can bother me, they cannot beat me down. On two occasions, the handlers have invited me to join them. I laughed, called them a few choice names, and told them, “Not in 500,000,000 years!!!!” Whether their offers are real or more deception, the handlers know that I will NEVER sell out to them.

Over the last few months, the handlers have focused some feature of their device on the outside of my right nostril. I can feel a distinct tingling in that location that is anything but natural. First a very sensitive brown spot appeared there and then a small indentation. More recently, I have noticed a white spot about a quarter of an inch in diameter on my chin, where the tingling also occurs. Like my nose and ears, that spot becomes covered with a film, except that instead of feeling crusty, it feels soft. The hairs of my beard are thicker and much more numerous in that small area. The handlers may be trying to cause skin cancer or melanoma. The handlers know that I use smokeless tobacco, and they want the cancer to appear to be tobacco-related.

I visited a Monroe dermatologist in the summer of 2009 to have a record of that induced malady. The doctor did biopsies on the two spots and found the one on my nostril cancerous. He wanted to set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon to remove the cancerous growth, and he was dismayed when I told him that I would not seek nor accept treatment. I candidly explained that the spot was induced and that the attackers could and probably would only cause additional places. I gave him a copy of this same paper to read. I do not know whether he read it or not.


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Electronic torture and mind control have been employed for decades. Why have they not been curtailed? Here is why:

(1) Targets have suffered in silence. Only with the advent of the internet have targets begun to perform research and reach out to other victims. Most of that communication has transpired during the last ten years or less. The internet is the last bastion of communication freedom. The powerbrokers have not yet contrived a way to limit and control its use.


(2) Targets have wasted too much time in complaining to each other and have gotten bogged down in self-pity.  That does not at all mean that we should stop supporting and communicating with each other; yet, that should not be an end in itself. Targets should become activists instead of habitual complainers.


(3) Targets have depended on law enforcement, national government, and international bodies to “investigate” and stop the electronic torture and mind control. They are correct is doing so; however, only those agencies of the government that are most likely to engage in ESMC or aid the perpetrators or allow them free rein in operating have the necessary expertise to “investigate.”


(4) Targets have remained anonymous. Most targets are reluctant to use their real names for fear that it will alienate family members and friends and make the targets appear crazy. I first wrote this paper under a pseudonym. However, when I realized that that did not serve the interest of the targeted community, I changed the name of the author to my real name. (Source:  The Silent Massacre Electronic Stalking And Mind Control in the Unite States of America by Max H. Williams, Monroe, LA, 2009-2010,